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Judy Cornett, Founder and Executive Director

On October 22, 1992, Judy's son, Jason was abducted, brutally raped and left for dead, but by the grace of God, her son’s life was spared. This was a major turning point for Judy and her family, a nightmare, which became reality. 

Judy was a single parent raising 2 young, athletic boys. Little did she realize her days of attending fun events such as baseball, football and karate were now in the past. 

As she struggled to learn about the drastic behavior changes in her son, forced to give up her job, dealing with the judicial system and realizing she was on her own to fight an uphill battle. There were many restless nights and haunting nightmares. She struggled with the confusion from the domino effects that took place in her family and amongst friends. Dealing with anger, fear, depression, withdrawal, promiscuous behaviors, poor self-esteem, suicide thoughts & attempts, aggression, regression, school problems, hyperactivity, and illegal acts. 
All these symptoms were the wicked gifts of a predator. What she called the "curse". 

For years, Judy struggled to survive and cope with these scary and unpredictable changes. She realized the only way out of the darkness was to help others. Mrs. Cornett's advocacy became a healing tool. She started educating families nationally, telling her story on Leeza, Oprah, Montel, ABC's 20/20, The O' Reilly Factor, Japan Fugi TV, Geraldo At Large, "Woman" Magazine and "People" Magazine . 

She made communities aware of dangerous predators. She spent countless hours going door to door, city to city and state to state on sexual predator education, holding meetings, giving presentations and talking to anyone who would listen. She is responsible for over twenty arrests of Sex Offenders in the year 2007 and many internet sites getting shut down including the profiles of many users. 

Her passion is so strong and her drive is powerful, she has given her life savings and her modest income to continue her fight. If she goes to bed tonight knowing she saved one child's life or took one more child molester off the street, she knows her battle has been won!

Judy's Wish Came True! 

A Message From Judy

In 2003, the State Attorney's words finally came true and I got my wish again! Acting on my own
, I discovered that Kevin Kinder had violated his probation for a second time. I directed police to his whereabouts, and a search of his home revealed a stolen vehicle in the garage and his garbage and home computer turned up evidence that he was indeed in violation of his probation. These charges landed him back in prison with a 60-year sentence. But, my fight for justice did not stop there! 

By this time, I had become familiarized with the laws regarding sexual predators, and I redirected my career and became an Advocate for Victim's and Victim's Right's. Outspoken, passionate, and focused, I had learned to use the media to get my message out to the public. 

I became the Founder and Executive Director of Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. which is designed to educate children and their families about Sexual Predator Awareness. I began an internship with a Private Investigator, with the goal of specializing in Sexual Abuse cases. I became an active advocate for victims and I now offer my support to families who have suffered the loss of their children through sexual crimes. I have been a supporter for the families of Carlie Brucia, Jessica Lundsford, Sarah Lunde, and Elizabeth Shoaf, amongst others. I continue to appear in local and national media to voice my opinions about Sexual Predator Laws. I even conducted my own "sting" operation engaging an online predator in 2003, which eventually led to the arrest and conviction of a twenty year Veteran Reserve Deputy in 
the Manatee Co. Sheriff's Office, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. 

So, this is my story!  How I overcame what seemed to be impossible odds to emerge as a strong voice against sexual predators. It is also the story of my son Jason's ordeal, and how he survived the horrifying attack upon him. Fourteen years later, he still struggles daily with the demons that attack him, unleashed. So today, I am here to share with you the knowledge I have obtained from our emotional story about love, hope, determination and survival.

Judy Cornett has now taken it to the next level and has formed a great team, which is her pride and joy, "Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc." and “Predator Patrol."

  Watch Judy's story on the Oprah Show Here!

Safety Zone Advocacy & Predator Patrol Team Members

Board Members
President - Judy Cornett, Victim Advocate
Vice-President - Paul Wells, Retired D.O.C. (Retired Sex Offender Probation Officer & Forensic Specialist)
Vice-President - Luis Ycaza, D.O. (Internal Medicine & Personal Injury)
Treasurer - Pam Abbey, Bookkeeper Treasurer- Leigh Summer (CPA)
Secretary – Tonia Gilmore

Committee Members & Volunteers
Dr. Susan Kelley, Psychologist
Richard Grimberg, (Retired Officer - St. Petersburg Police Department) Security (Chair of Security)
Tom Hayman, Security
Bruce Heller, Security
Morris Catfish, Security
Denise Nestor, (Retired Sgt. - Pinellas Sheriff’s Office), Victim Advocate (Chair of Education and Safety)
Margo Scaggs, Advocate
Pam Abbey, Advocate
Lori Browning, Advocate Michelle Lyons, Advocate

Ash Lyons, Teen Advocate

Wendy Akers, Advocate
Guy Webb, Advocate (Musician)
Tiffany Marino, Advocate
Brenda Rucker, Advocate (Coordinator in Crestview, Florida)
Kim Burke, Advocate
Lisa Stuby, Internet Group Advocate
Tim Poe, Advocate, Graphic Design & Printing
SuziQue Martinez, Graphics
Patti Alley, Emcee
Daniel Ribacoff, Polygraph Examiner
Michael Moorer, Private Investigator (Retired Professional Heavy Weight Champion Boxer)
Phil Flattley, Children’s Fingerprinting Program
Alvin Jones, P.A., Attorney
Michael Larrinaga, P.A. Attorney
Peter Garcia, Videographer

Other States
Lorrie Benjamin, Web Designer (Texas)
Patricia Riggins, Coordinator (Georgia)
Megan Childers, Coordinator (Arkansas)
Dina Lee, Coordinator (Missouri)
Scott Johnson, Coordinator (Missouri)
Desiree Sewell, Coordinator (Alabama)
Al Smith, Private Investigator (California)
Mark Stannard, Private Investigator (Kentucky)
Everett Kirk, Private Investigator (Ohio) (BACA)
Bryan Burnes, Volunteer (California)
Larry Barron, Volunteer Musician (California)
Tony St. Lavorgna, Musician, wrote Theme Song (California)
Michael Kehoe, Entertainment Consultant (California)
Melisa Feezey Gillett, Advocate (Illinois)
Mike Pistorino, Coordinator & Speaker (Ohio)