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Find at us events in your town for support merchandise on-hand!

For some time, we've had our supporters ask us when merchandise will be made available. Well, the answer is: NOW! When you donate, you not only help to defray the bandwidth and operational costs of running a rapidly-growing organization that specializes in Education on Safety, Prevention and Intervention of Sex Crimes, but you also let those who see your colorful wristbands know where you stand on the subject of sexual predators.


As mentioned, your purchase helps to cover the costs associated with Sexual Predator Awareness and helps us spread education nationwide. 
Safety Zone Advocacy, Inc. is a non-profit organization and will remain that way. But in order to make sure we're around to continue keeping would-be pedophiles from our children, please consider supporting our organization with a donation.

We take our mission VERY seriously!

About Our Colors

The Yellow Bands represent SUNSHINE for the children that
fought and survived the evils of the MONSTERS that preyed upon them.
Yellow also stands for “CAUTION” and
Wearing your Yellow Band is a constant reminder to protect our children from the EVIL MONSTERS that prey upon their precious souls.


The Red Bands represent the BLOOD that was shed by our innocent children.
Red also stands for “NO” and “STOP” both are strong words for our kids to know. Wearing your Red Band is a constant reminder to protect our children from the EVIL MONSTERS that prey upon their precious souls. 

The Glow in the Dark Bands represents the ANGELS above us, the children less fortunate, which did not survive from the
EVIL MONSTERS. The Glow in the Dark also stands for the ANGELS that are watching over us. Wearing your Glow in the Dark bands shows your support and awareness that there are ANGELS among us.

The Black Bands represent a reminder that there is
EVIL, SEXUAL PREDATORS among us and we must never give up the fight! Black also stands for TOUGHER SENTENCES for those Pedophiles that prey upon our children.
Wearing your Black Band shows your support for LIFE in prison or DEATH sentence and it is a constant reminder that these EVIL MONSTERS are present.






Survivor (Para-cord) Bracelets

8" (One Size)
Available in Black, Yellow, Red & White

Image of Fastener

Survivor (Para-cord) Keychains
(Available in Black, Red, Yellow & White)


Bracelets & Accessories

Silicone Bands


Hand-Beaded Bracelets
Price ($5.00)


Kids Bracelets
(Price $2.00)

Keychain Tassels
(Price: $5.00)


Safety Pins
(Price $1.50)