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Predator Patrol


Pedophilia is running rampant, not only in the U.S. but all over the world. 
Children are being sexually exploited by a pedophile at the rate of 1 out of 6 boys before the age of 16 and 1 out of 3 girls
before the age of 18 (1 out of 4 before the age of 14). These statistics are based on reported cases of sexual abuse.
I shudder to think of how many cases have gone unreported.

Unfortunately, the Internet has provided the pedophile with a wonderful tool for locating unsuspecting children for his/her sexual pleasure and gratification. The Internet has also provided an avenue for the pedophile to band together with their peers. They've found the Internet to be the perfect place to offer each other support, news, "love" stories and even the means to exchange child pornography.
Well, guess what? That very same tool is available to you and to me.
If, on your journey's through cyberspace, you run across a site that appears to be exploiting children,
by all means, report it. Pay attention when your children are online.
Monitor what they are doing and who they are talking to.
Don't allow the Internet to become an electronic baby-sitter

We, as citizens concerned for the safety of children everywhere, must do something to stop this
horrific crime
NOW!  Don't allow another innocent child to become the victim of these predators.
They are stalking, seducing and convincing our children that what they do is "right". They say they do it in the name of "Love".
 (These law breakers claim to be sexually stimulated by children ranging in ages from birth to 18 years.)

A Pedophile doesn't have a certain "look" that distinguishes them as such. They could be married with children of their own.
They could be the next door neighbor, the baby-sitter or a relative. Pedophiles tend to choose occupations that put them in close
contact with children such as teaching, counseling, daycare, scouting, coaching, etc. (I'm certainly not saying that all people in these professions are pedophiles because the overwhelming majority are not.)
What I am saying is, be aware of whom your children are spending their time with.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.
Trust your instincts.
Listen to your child and really hear what he/she is saying.
Be concerned if your child shows fear or mistrust of an adult.

Children are basically honest and open about their feelings so trust their instincts, too.
Below, I've listed a number of organizations you can contact if you suspect someone of being
 a pedophile or you've come across a site that appears to be owned by a pedophile.
Don't hesitate to contact them to report your findings.
Wouldn't you rather be safe, than sorry?

Keeping Your Children Safe In Your Neighborhood

Unfortunately no neighborhood is completely immune to crime.
However, there are steps you can take to help keep your family and your neighborhood safe.
  • Know where your children are. Have your children tell you or ask permission before leaving the house and give them a time to check in or be home. When possible, have them leave a phone number of where they will be.
  • Help children learn important phone numbers. Have your children practice reciting their home phone number and address, and your work and cell phone numbers. If they have trouble memorizing these, write them down on a card and have them carry it at all times. Tell your children where you will be and the best way to reach you.
  • Set limits on where your children can go in your neighborhood. Do you want them crossing busy roads? Playing in alleys or abandoned buildings? Are there certain homes in your neighborhood that you don't want your children to go to?
  • Get to know your children's friends. Meet their parents before letting your children to go to their home and keep a list of their phone numbers. If you can't meet their parents, call and talk to them. Ask what your children might do at their house and if they will be supervised.
  • Choose a safe house in your neighborhood. Pick a neighbor's house where your children can go if they need help. Point out other places they can go for help, like stores, libraries, and police stations.
  • Teach children to settle arguments with words, not fists. Role-play talking out problems, walking away from fist fights, and what to do when confronted with bullies. Remind them that taunting and teasing can hurt friends and make enemies.
  • Encourage children to get involved. Help your children get involved in what they like to do, whether it's sports, art, or anything else.
  • Work together with your neighbors. Watch out for suspicious and unusual behavior in your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors and their children so you can look out for one another. 

    The Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate and learn new information. Although the computer is a vital part of our society, it has put our children in more danger than ever before. Internet predators are real and only getting better at sexually exploiting our children. Parents need to be aware of how these perverts work and how you can protect your children from becoming another victim of sexual abuse:

How your child is being lured into danger:

  • Internet predators are grooming your kids on a daily basis
  • Kids open up to strangers on-line because it is easy
  • Kids feel like they know the stranger on the screen because they trust what they are being told
  • Kids are reaching out to connect to anyone who will give them the attention they lack
  • Not all sexual exploitation happens offline, children are using web cams to send pictures or videos to strangers for the thrill of it

How you can protect your child:

  • Keep your family computer in a common room, like the family room
  • Monitor what your child is doing on the computer
  • Filter what your child can and can not do
  • Install security software that tracks what your child is doing and limits the sites and time they can be on
  • Have constant conversations with your kids about the real dangers that are out there in the virtual world
  • Inform your kids about the terrible things that have happened to other kids and talk about how you can prevent that from happening to your kids
  • Edit the pictures your kids put up on social networking sites, like Facebook and Myspace

Parents, stay involved and present in your child’s on-line activities because you are the one who needs to protect your children from Internet predators and from themselves.

Predator Patrol and the Safety Zone Advocacy Team
maintains a listing of United States Registered Sex Offenders.
These are live links to the specific State Directory and also their contact information. 

Judy's Supporters helped to pass this House Bill!

CS/HB 1107 - Sexual Offenders and Predators

Sexual Offenders and Predators:

Revises provisions relating to reimbursement of specified costs by sexual predators;
revises provisions relating to notification of residence of sexual predators; prohibits sexual predators from
working at certain locations; specifies residency distance limitations for persons convicted of certain sexual offenses; preempts certain local ordinances & provides for repeal of such ordinances; revises provisions relating
to duty of court to uphold certain laws; provides additional residency restrictions on certain offenders; prohibits loitering or prowling by persons convicted of certain sex offenses; provides additional restrictions for certain probationers or community controllees or persons on conditional release who committed sexual offenses with minors under age of 16.
Effective Date: October 1, 2008

Registered Sex Offenders in the U.S.A.

There are approx. 550,000 registered sex offenders in the US.

There are approx. 100,000 sex offenders that are NOT registered,
who are required by law to do so! They are absconded!

Sex Offender Registries By State For The United States & Guam


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District of Columbia
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New Hampshire
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New Jersey
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New Mexico
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New York
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North Carolina
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North Dakota
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Rhode Island
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South Carolina
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South Dakota
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West Virginia
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Guam - US Territory
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